When the Chill Disappears: Troubleshooting Your Outside AC Unit Not Coming On

Outside AC Unit Not Coming On

As the summer season heats, so does our reliance on our air conditioners. But what takes place even as you turn to your AC and discover the cool air isn’t always flowing? More importantly, what if the outdoor unit, the workhorse of the device, isn’t even coming near?

This may be a stressful situation, however, worry no longer! Before calling in a professional, there are various troubleshooting steps you could take to understand the culprit and probably get your AC lower once more up and jogging. Here at Surfside Services, we need to empower you with records, so permit’s dive into the reasons why your outside unit not coming on unit won’t be drawing near and what you can do approximately it.

Safety First: Power Down Before Troubleshooting

Throughout this approach, do not forget to prioritize safety. Always turn off the electricity for your AC unit in the breaker area earlier than attempting any troubleshooting that includes electrical additives.

Common Causes and Solutions for an Unresponsive Outside Unit

Thermostat Shenanigans:

The Thermostat Isn’t Set to Cool: This would possibly probably seem obvious, however, it’s miles an exceptionally clean mistake to make. Double-take a look at whether your thermostat is prepared to “Cool” and the popular temperature is decreased than the current-day room temperature.

Thermostat Malfunction: If the settings seem accurate, the thermostat itself might be malfunctioning. Try converting the fan settings or switching the tool truly on and off yet again. If the hassle persists, it might be time for a brand-new thermostat.

Low Thermostat Batteries: Believe it or now not, some thermostats depend on batteries to characteristic. Check the batteries and update them if desired.

Power Issues:

Tripped Breaker: Most houses have a committed circuit breaker for the AC unit. Locate your breaker container and grow to be aware of the AC breaker. If it is switched to the “off” function, reset it by flipping the transfer firmly to “on.” If the breaker journeys over again right now, there might be a greater essential electric-powered problem. In this situation, seek advice from an authorized electrician.

Blown Fuse: In older homes, you would probably have a fuse box in the area of a breaker panel. If the AC unit has a devoted fuse, check to see if ifar-blownlown. Remember, the handiest update is a blown fuse with considered one of the suitable equal amperage ratings. If you’re unsure approximately fuses, are seeking advice from a licensed electrician.

Disconnected Shut-Off Switch: Many outdoor AC devices have a disconnect switch positioned near the unit itself. Ensure this transfer has become on and hasn’t inadvertently been switched off.

Airflow Obstructions:

Dirty Condenser Coils: The condenser coils on the outdoor unit are chargeable for releasing warm temperatures. If they turn out to be clogged with dust, leaves, or particles, the unit can overheat and near down as a protection precaution. Carefully smooth the condenser coils with an easy brush and water hose. Never use a pressure washing device, as it can damage the sensitive fins.

Blocked Intake or Exhaust Vents: The outdoor unit has vents that permit air to glide through the device. Ensure those vents are free from obstructions like overgrown plants, furnishings, or perhaps a gather-up of snow in winter months.

Outside AC Unit Not Coming On

Component Issues:

Faulty Capacitor: The capacitor is a vital factor that permits the compressor to start. A failing capacitor can prevent the unit from turning on. Capacitors hold an electrical price, so do not try and update one yourself. Call a qualified HVAC technician for this undertaking.

Low Refrigerant Levels: Your AC unit is primarily based on refrigerant to relax the air. Low refrigerant tiers can cause the gadget to shut all of the manner down to prevent damage. Adding refrigerant requires a certified HVAC technician. A leak within the refrigerant line is a commonplace cause of low refrigerant levels, and this will also need to be addressed by way of the use of an expert.

When to Call Surfside Services

If you have got long past those troubleshooting steps and your outside AC unit remains now not coming on, it’s time to name inside the professionals. Surfside Services has a group of professional and certified HVAC technicians who can diagnose the hassle and get your AC device lower back up and take walks efficaciously.

Here are some signs and signs and symptoms that advise a professional is needed:

The problem includes electric-powered additives (breakers, fuses, wiring).

You suspect a refrigerant leak.

The compressor or considered one-of-a-kind inner components seems faulty.

You’re uncomfortable troubleshooting electric additives or strolling with the outside unit itself.

Surfside Services: Your Trusted Partner in AC Comfort

At Surfside Services, we apprehend the importance of fab and snug home surroundings. Our technicians are exceedingly-educated and skilled in diagnosing and repairing.


A malfunctioning oof-doors AC unit can rapidly turn your summertime oasis into a sweltering nightmare. This article explores common reasons why your outside unit not coming on unit won’t be drawing near, which incorporates thermostat settings, energy problems, airflow obstructions, and failing components. We additionally provide answers for DIY troubleshooting and emphasize when it’s far tremendous to name in a professional from Surfside Services to diagnose and fasten the problem for a groovy and comfortable domestic.

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